My progress

I'm a genius and I left my camera cord at Mike's place.

Since I'm unable to upload today's (well, last nights - I'll explain later) outfit, I thought I'd do a quick recap of days 1-6.

How is everyone doing so far? I'm doing okay I think, but it's hard to believe it's only been a week. I have had a few urges to shop but I've ignored them.
My biggest regret is including 2 jackets and a pair of jeans in my 30 pieces when thanks to this insane heat wave Vancouver is experiencing all I want to wear is sundresses. Another regret of mine is that I didn't own more sundresses at the start of this challenge. After wearing my one dress on day 5, all I want to wear are light and easy dresses. Oh well, knowing Vancouver the weather will change again and I'll be wishing all I picked was rain gear. (Actually I really hope that doesn't happen!!)
7 days down (6 outfits posted) and 23 days to go!
I have too many 30 for 30 favourites to name (yet) but I think I'll do a post very soon about all the remixers who have been so supportive to me and have fantastic style themselves.
Now it's time for to attempt to make up those hours of sleep that I failed to make up this weekend!

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