The Establishment

If you're from Vancouver and you are looking for something to do on this rainy Friday, look no further. If you're not from Vancouver... well... start driving or book your plane ticket.

I recently had the opportunity to taste some of the delicious new menu items at the Establishment. I don't claim to be a "foodie", but I know what I like, and the menu that Chef Victor Bongo put together is amazing.

A few of my favourites

Vegetarian Peanut Soup

Black Truffle Saccottini Pasta

Bison Sliders

Malasian Chicken Satay

This wasn't apart of the tasting menu but before I left I just had to try the cheesecake... because well. I'm an addict.

I honestly can not wait to go back to the Establishment to try more items on the menu. It's located at 3162 W Broadway in Kitsilano so if you're walking past there you will probably see me sitting on the patio with cheesecake and Sangria. I'm so predictable.