No Thank You

Photos by Cara

If you follow me on twitter or like my facebook page, you would have seen me talking about a run in with a celebrity last week. Whenever Cara and I take photos in high touristy areas, like the Sea Wall at English Bay, we often have people stopping to so kindly ask if we want a photo taken together. It's almost become second nature to quickly (but politely) say no thank you. This past Friday afternoon the person asking if we wanted our photo taken together was Owen Wilson. We didn't realize it until after we said no thank you and by that time we just kind stood there awkwardly and said nothing. I personally just couldn't think of a good way to say "oh you're famous! Sorry I thought you were just a creepy guy hitting on us. Sure, since you're famous you can take our photo". So I stood there like a quiet weirdo.

Luckily, thanks to this experience I will be ready for the day when Leonardo DiCaprio asks if we want our photo taken. Because that will happen.