Stripes & Plaid

{Wearing: H&M Coat, Club Monaco Blouse & Skirt, Gap Boots, Vintage Scarf, Coach Clutch, Fossil Gold Multifunction watch (Christmas gift from my Dad)}

Photos by Cara

I know I've complained before about people staring while I'm taking photos but I have really been working on not letting it bother me. I know it comes with the territory. This photo shoot however, was hilarious. Every time Cara pointed the camera at me someone would appear out of nowhere, walk through my photos and we'd have to stop. Every... single... time. There is a black squirrel that likes to show up when I am taking Cara's photos but he's cute. The people walking through my photos? Not as cute as squirrels.

I guess I just don't understand how some people can think that walking on a sidewalk is more important than two girls taking photos on that sidewalk. So rude. ;)