Spa Boutique's 1 Year Anniversary Celebration

 On December 8th, Spa boutique on west 4th celebrated their one year anniversary so my friend Masumi and I headed over there for wine, cupcakes and some pampering.

We sat and spoke with a professional esthetician from Dermalogica about our skin. My skin is a little dry and of course one of my worries was aging so he put together a skin care "prescription" of their products that would best benefit my skin. We then took off our makeup (eep!) and with careful instruction from our esthetician, gave ourselves Dermalogica facials.

This couldn't have come at a better time for me. This past year my skin has really started changing and I've been a little lost as to what I should use. After learning all about my skin and these products, I ended up picking up a few Dermalogica goodies. I loved that if I wasn't happy with the product I could bring it back. Investing in skin care products can be scary so a money back guarantee eased my worries.

After our facials we got our makeup done and browsed the skin care collection at Spa Boutique. I picked up some gifts for everyone in my life with bad skin. Haha no I'm obviously kidding (or am I?) but I did buy some gifts while I was there.

It was lovely to meet Natasha and Crystal, and to chat with Sophia and Rick.
I was a little worried about taking too many photos because the store was filled with makeup-less women who probably didn't want to be captured on film. Luckily, Rick was able to take fantastic photos and wrote up a great post on the anniversary so he made up for my camera shy-ness.

Thank you Sophia and Spa Boutique for such a fun evening!