Wrinkle Avoidance

{Wearing: Old Navy Coat, UO Dress, BeautyMark Tights, UO Shoes, Vintage Brooches}
Photos by Alicia

Let's just get it over with and talk about what all of you are thinking, that my dress is horribly wrinkled. I have worn this dress before and know that as soon as I put it on and sit down it's going to be a wrinkled mess so I can't even play dumb. I just like it. It's a pretty color and comfortable so I just have to avoid mirrors all day while wearing it so I don't have to face the reality of my wrinkles. I also use this mirror avoidance technique on bad hair days, during the appearance of any breakouts, and on days where I forget to put mascara on one eye and leave my make up at home by mistake (it happened). Of course taking photos of myself makes that whole avoidance thing a little more difficult. So how about we all get on the same avoidance page and pretend that my dress isn't wrinkled at all... deal? Brilliant.