Comfy at Brunch

 {Wearing: H&M vest, Plum Jacket, H&M Dress, Zara Boots, Matt & Nat Bag}

My hair has already lightened quite a bit so I get to go back to the hairdressers later this week for a brunette touch up. We had a feeling when I went darker that it would fade really quickly, but thanks to my "OH MY GOSH I AM GOING TO HAVE A BREAKDOWN" panic attack before the hair dye went in, she was too scared to go as dark as she needed to to allow for some fading. 

I vowed to spend this whole week off of work sleeping and so far I've done a pretty darn good job of that. The very few times I have been dragged out of bed I have been trying to stay as comfortable as possible and this outfit did just that. It was like wearing pj's and a faux fur rug to brunch which I feel pretty confident saying is every girl's dream.