Thin Layer of Lace

Wearing: Gap Blazer, American Apparel Top, Modcloth Skirt, Vintage Scarf, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag, UO Shoes.

You know those days where you get dressed, leave the house and then realize that if you take off your jacket at any point during the day your sheer top will result in you being a borderline nudist? Yah I've had two of those lately.

It's not like I was giving it all away for free, but there is something unnerving about sitting in a restaurant and knowing that the only thing separating your waitress and your bra is a thin layer of lace.

Luckily for everyone I won't be able to have very many borderline nudest moments any more because last night I realized that Fall weather has finally arrived. It's time for sweaters, scarves and winter coats my friends. And mittens. And drinking hot chocolate to keep warm. Sounds awful ;)

PS, I know your favourite hobby is to stalk me on twitter so I made the stalking even easier and made a Miss Melissa facebook page.

PPS, I played photographer for Cara of A Fashion Love Affair recently. I forget how fun it is to be on the other side of the camera!