Turkey Belly

Wearing: Gap Cardigan, American Apparel T-Shirt, Club Monaco Skirt, Urban Outfitter Booties & Bag, Vintage Scarf

{photos taken by Cara}

I know what you`re thinking. I seem so super cool so why am I at home blogging on a Saturday night and not out on the town? Well you're right, normally I'd be out doing {insert cool activity here} but tonight I'm too full of Turkey to move. It's Thanksgiving long weekend here in Canada and tonight we had dinner at Mike's parents. 

I have another Turkey dinner at my mom's tomorrow so I think it's time to whip out my pants with the elastic waist. Another strategy is to wear a flowy skirt and place the waist band right above your turkey belly. Food baby camouflaged. Maybe I should put less effort into thinking up ways to hide a turkey belly and just go to the gym... nah.

Disclaimer: I lied, I probably wouldn't have been out on the town doing anything cool. I probably would have been watching something on the pvr or sleeping ;) I also know you weren't thinking about how cool I am. But a girl can dream.