Wedding Attire

Wearing: BCBG Dress, Banana Republic Necklace and Pumps, Plum Clutch

Am I the only one who panics a bit when picking a dress out to wear to a wedding? I probably over think it but I always worry about being over dressed (don't want to look like you're competing with the bride) or under dressed (a sign of disrespect), you don't want to wear the same colour as the bridal party (accidental brides mail wannabe) and you obviously can't wear white.

Luckily my amazing friend Jessica found this dress for me and while I generally shy away from yellow out of habit (someone told me once that blondes shouldn't wear yellow) as soon as I put this dress on I fell in love. After all, it has pockets.

I didn't wear this necklace during the ceremony to keep it simple, but added some glitz for the reception.

Congratulations again Bernelle and Wilson! Such a lovely wedding!