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Wearing: Vintage Crop Top, Zara High Waisted Shorts, Steve Madden Flats, Marc by Marc Jacobs Bag

These pictures are from a few weeks ago. I uploaded them and then decided not to post them because I looked tired and disheveled. I've come to terms with feeling tired and disheveled but I don't need pictures that show the world. I'm in a perfectly naive state of denial where I avoid mirrors and pretend I look stylish and well rested.

I have been such a bad blogger friend lately. I am so behind on reading all your blogs but I vow to catch up soon!

I have been spending most of my time working at getting our newly renovated restaurant organized while trying to be consistent with the gym and yoga (why is consistency always the hardest part for me?) and attempting to have a bit of a life in between. I have so much going on at the end of this month all the way to October so I'm really excited!

So my friends, what's new? I miss all of you!