All my pictures are gone forever

Apparently deciding you don't want to put pictures on your Google+ account when you sign up for it means that all of your photos will be deleted off your blog.

So every photo that was on my blog before I signed up for Google+ has been permanently deleted.

I can't explain how close to tears I am right now. If I wasn't at work today I would have totally broken down.

So, I am going to slowly work on adding photos to my blog again but it's going to take some time.

For any new visitors, I apologize for the lack of photos and I promise they'll be back.

For current readers, I will try to keep up on new updates even though most of my spare time will be spent trying to re-upload photos.

Ugh, I'm so frustrated right now. I would feel stupid but thanks to message boards I have discovered I'm not alone in this. Reading about people who have lost photos from blogs they've had for 7 years sounds a lot worse then my situation so I'll try not to punch Google+ in the face.

*I've re-uploaded 10 posts worth of pictures. Only 445 more to go! :p