Summer Plans

It's such a gorgeous day outside but I haven't been able to enjoy it because I am sick yet again (this time with a lovely mix of a throat infection and stomach flu). I used to pride myself in rarely getting sick but lately my immune system and I are not seeing eye to eye. Luckily I've been given a few days to get better so I can enjoy my trip to LA this weekend.

While I'm on the mend I'm brainstorming all of the fun things I want to do this summer. Near the top of my list is eating ice cream by the beach. Well, eating ice cream is on the top of my list anyways, throwing the beach into the mix just makes it a summer activity.

Like this trip to White Rock with Alicia last summer. Such a fun day!

I also want to rent bicycles and ride around the sea wall. OH! And I have to start getting used to my new rollerblades. Eek!

What are you looking forward to doing this summer?