Seeing Snow

Coat: rw&co
Blouse: Spotted moth
Jeans: True Value Vintage
Boots: Aldo
Purse: Guess
Brooch: The Vintage Valley

When Ally (of the Vintage Valley) heard I was heading up to Whistler she told me she was jealous because she had never seen snow. While Vancouver doesn't get crazy amounts of snow (we make up for it in rain) we get enough of it and I lived in Edmonton for 3 years so I am definitely familiar with having to wear a snowsuit under your Halloween costume.

So in honour of the adorable Ally, I wore my bow vintage brooch on Friday.

PS: I am loving my new blog layout designed by the amazingly talented Tieka.

PPS: Tomorrow night I will be a guest model in a charity fashion show. I will need all of your to cross your fingers that I don`t fall on my face Carrie Bradshaw style.