Day 30! I'm DONE!!

How do you celebrate reaching day 30 in a 30 for 30 challenge? With sequins and balloons of course!
Alicia and I met up for sushi and she was kind enough to take pictures of my mini celebration! We hung out in the precious Fort Langley and it was such a lovely place to take pictures.
Turns out the old men in the Fort aren't used to seeing two girls with balloons snapping pictures. We even had one guy yell "Holy Camoly" at us. Oh you flatterer you.
So i'm done the challenge! Where do I begin? I really have to say thank you to Kendi for challenging us bloggers to participate in this challenge. When I started this 30 for 30 challenge I hoped it would help with my shopping problem and help teach me that I don’t “need” clothes... I want them. Mostly I just thought it would be fun! I had no idea it would completely transform my entire way of thinking. I’m not sure I can put into words how grateful I am that I had this experience. This is going to sound so cliché and corny but it was really eye opening..
The habits I had built and the thought processes that went into my clothing purchasing decisions were really not healthy.
.I really can’t figure out why but new clothes made me feel like I was worth something. Like people would like me more if I had the most stylish clothes.. And the craziest part is these clothes sat in my closet and I wore the same things over and over anyways. I really only broke out the trendier stuff when I knew my picture was going to be taken. I didn’t want to be seen in the same outfit more than once. (eff you facebook).

What’s really important to me are the changes I see in myself and how I think now.
Even with only 30 items I really loved all of the outfits I came up with except maybe one and I never repeated an outfit! I really can survive and be perfectly content with a limited wardrobe. I got over the fear of wearing an item more than once pretty quickly haha.
Other people (aka, the camera) don’t see the flaws in my body that I see. I can look in the mirror and criticize my thighs until I’m blue in the face, but when I’m happy and confident in an outfit no one else sees those things I see.
My shopping anxiety is gone. Mind you I have no idea what will happen when I step into a store, but when I find out about an event I no longer want to run to the store for something new. My first instinct is to think of what’s in my closet (or what was in my 30 items) and think of something to put together.
.I want to focus more on quality and less on quantity from now on. I want more clothes I am proud of and in love with.

Also, I have met some amazing bloggers. I can’t thank everyone enough for all of your support during this. You’ve all been so amazingly sweet and I am so excited to continue reading your blogs!
If anyone is interested in completing this challenge I definitely recommend it. It was difficult at some points (taking a picture every day? Seriously?) but the rest of it was actually a lot of fun.

Is it too dramatic to say this challenge was life changing? Yes? Well TOO BAD. ;)
Oh my gosh… tomorrow I get to wear clothes that aren’t in my 30 pieces! Now I’m confused…