Day 24

With only 6 outfits left in this 30 for 30 challenge I have so many questions swirling around in my head about when this challenge is over.

Will I remember how to wear clothes that aren't in my 30 pieces?
Will I have anything to blog about if I'm not blogging about one of my 30 outfits?
Will my neighbours have me committed if I continue to take pictures of my outfits in my backyard once the 30 days are over?

So many questions and no way to find out the answers.

Today at work I looked at the date and realized that yesterday was my 10 year anniversary of when I started at my company! It's bizarre to think that July 27, 2000 was my very first day at my job... that seems like aaaages ago and things have changed so much since then. Milestones like that are so much fun but they make me feel old.

First it was my 10 year high school reunion and now 10 years at my job! I think it's about time I retire.

The last time I wore this black pencil skirt I paired it with my romper and I felt a little over dressed. I thought I'd try wearing it with a more casual tank top and even though I ended up wearing a chunky necklace I still felt like this outfit was more casual. All in my head? Perhaps but I was much more confident in this outfit which meant I was a lot happier.

The accessories? This chunky blue necklace is from F21... It was an impulse buy a few years back and I love it.
The clutch was also an impulse buy from Aldo but I think this is only my third time using it.. oops!  And the shoes? well if you aren't sick of them by now then I'd be surprised. I obviously love these and they are super comfy! Most of the shoes I love torture my feet so I always have a soft spot for the comfy ones.

I can NOT believe tomorrow is day 25. TWENTY FIVE. Crazy.

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