Day 21

Day 21 was a very educational one.

This is what I learned today:

1) I'm happiest in simple, comfy and girly outfits. They probably aren't considered to be the most fashionable of all outfits but they are perfect for days like today.

2) I have a weird obsession with fire escapes. It started on my first trip to New York and now I notice them whenever i'm walking through Vancouver. I always giggle when I see wooden fire escapes (wouldn't they just burn down too?) and I love old fashioned wrought iron ones.

3) When you order Strawberry Cheesecake Gelato on a waffle cone you need to order at least 4 scoops. 2 scoops is not enough.
4) There is no need to pay for entertainment when you are in Vancouver. There is a good chance if you walk to the beach you'll be able to watch a guy in a multi coloured spandex suit dance for hours.

5) If you want to challenge multi-coloured body suit guy to a dance-off... you better be wearing a clown nose and be ready to get down and dirty.

6) I still love swings!

7) I just have completely forgotten how to stop once I'm swinging.

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Day 20 (2/3's of the way there!!)

Yay! I've made it to day 20! My excitement doesn't come from the success of mixing and matching only 30 items for these 30 days however, it comes from the fact that I haven't shopped at all.

Not even secret shopping that I would deny doing and then pretend I bought the item after the 30 days! Not even the normally $250 jeans that I saw on sale for $100 today! (that one hurt).

I'll talk more about my admitted shopping problem when I post todays outfit.. right now we are talking about day 20 (Saturday... aka yesterday)
Saturday night consisted of dinner at Ebisu and then the fireworks.
My earrings were a gift from Alicia. I do believe they are from Plum but it's been a few years since I received them so my old lady memory could be incorrect.

My only other accessory was sun glare... Stupid camera ;)
.I have to admit that any outfit involving my Zara high waisted shorts will immediately fall into my 'favourites' category. I never understood what love was until I found these shorts.

After dinner I switched into my flat sandals so we could walk down to the fireworks. It wasn't a very far walk but after a pitcher of sangria I decided to make the mature decision to not drink and walk in heels.
Anyone who knows me is now thinking "But Melissa, you don't like fireworks. Or crowds of annoying people. Did you get frustrated and kill anyone?"
Actually no! And you'll be surprised to hear that the fireworks were MY idea! I tend to think that if you've seen one fireworks show you've seen them all but it's more just the atmosphere of the night that I enjoyed.
I knew that it would be crazy busy so I braced myself for frustrating people. My only complaints are people who find it necessary to swear really loudly while walking through crowds -- we get it, you know bad words. You don't need to prove to everyone you are a bad ass by using all of these bad words in one really loud sentence.
I also really dislike when people smoke when they are in crowds. You made the decision to smoke, I didn't and I have asthma. STOP IT. Oh, and when people litter. Didn't we cover how to use garbage cans in kindergarten? Should we take a refresher course in high school?
It was a really gorgeous night overall.
Sushi, sangria, fireworks and amazing weather. Oh Vancouver, you really know the way into a girl's heart.

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