Day 14

I am so happy and relaxed after this weekend. It was the perfect mix of enjoying the sun, staying busy and being lazy haha.

We had nothing planned today so we decided to do what we do best... get a starbucks and go for an oddly long walk with no destination in mind.
Today's random location ended up being Coal Harbour and Stanley park.

This is my first time wearing this UO skirt. Again, it was one of those skirts that I would put on and decide not to wear. Turns out I'm an idiot because it was extremely comfortable and paired with a simple tank top and my comfy sandals was perfect for the day!

Has anyone else had the urge to shop? Has anyone given in? Does anyone else feel as embarrassed as I do that something as trivial as shopping is even an issue at all? haha
I just wanted to remind everyone what this "30 for 30 challenge" that I'm participating is all about. One of my favourite bloggers, Kendi, challenged other bloggers to join her in mixing and matching 30 items in their wardrobe for 30 days (jackets and shoes included) and during these 30 days we are banned from shopping
I chose these 30 items and I've been mixing and matching ever since! My cousin Alicia is also participating and her outfits so far have been stunning!
Thanks again to everyone who has been so supportive with such sweet comments. While I normally enjoy comments, during this challenge they have really been motivating me. So THANK YOU. Gifts for all of you are in the mail ;)

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Day 13

Day 13 was another gorgeous day in Vancouver.

Mike and I spent some time relaxing in the sun at English Bay with our books and some iced coffees. Back in June we attended a wedding of Mikes good friend Ryan. He hadn't seen Ryan or his wife Nora since the wedding so when they invited us over for a BBQ it seemed like a perfect way to spend the evening.

I couldn't resist wearing my yellow top again! It's just so cheerful and seems really appropriate with this sun!

How is everyone doing on their remixes so far? I spent some time the other night putting together some outfit ideas so I hopefully won't go into a mad panic the last few days of the challenge. Nah, I'll still be a mad panic but maybe with a little less crying ;)