Day 12

What a gorgeous day outside today! Day 12 is looking like the perfect end to a not so perfect week. Really early this morning it looked a little cloudy but I guess those clouds are all gone because now it's just blue skies and sun!

I think if I could, i'd wear these high waisted shorts for all 30 days. They are just so comfortable! Both the top and shorts are from Zara and the earrings are from Plum. I'm a rebel and I mixed gold earrings with silver shoes. Who knew I was so wild! ;)

On a none fashion related note: I realized I shouldn't complain about my eye infection. It could be a LOT worse. It's not really painful (heck, I just thought it was allergies) and you can't see it.

The only downside is that I legally have to wear my glasses to drive, but it's so sunny out I just want to wear sunglasses. Luckily for me i've seen enough infomercials to know that these babies are on the market. Problem solved.
.I am so excited to relax this weekend. Maybe i'll see if Mike wants to head over to Granville Island or to the beach. My ideas generally aren't very creative.

What do you all have planned for the weekend? Any exciting ideas I can copy!? haha ;) xo

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