Day 10

I have a love - hate relationship with summer. I love summer... summer hates me. My allergies just go so bonkers this time of year and I end up feeling really sick.

Today I was really feeling gross and when I got home I noticed that the neighbors on both sides of me were mowing their lawns. Did they plan this?

I hate the lighting inside my place so I was determined to take pictures outside. I ran inside, drugged up on more claritin, grabbed my camera and ran outside to take some quick pictures of my outfit. I was three pictures in when I realized I had stepped in dog poo.

Photo session OVER.

These are the three pictures. You better think they are the best pictures in the history of the world or my feelings will be really really hurt ;)

I tend to ignore the fact that I have a curvy lower body when I buy items like this shopruche skirt. I love it and i've actually seen it floating around the blogosphere since i've bought it but it's one of those skirts that I put on, look in the mirror and then change out of because it emphasises my curves too much. In other words - this was my first time wearing it. Shame on me.
I have a couple other more interesting ways I want to remix this skirt in mind, but I wanted to save those for when I had more exciting plans after work.
I'm going to spend the rest of the night reading a book on nutrition I just bought. I almost bought a box of Godiva chocolates while I was buying this book... but I was worried that the girl working at the register would judge me. I doubted the book was going to praise the nutritional benefits of chocolate covered caramels. They sure would have been delicious though!.
PS. Let's be Twitter friends.
PPS. I will be posting the links to some of my favourite remixers very soon. Thanks again to those of you who have been supporting me along the way. This challenge is getting difficult! I couldn't do it without you!

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